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The following CDs or downloads are available for purchase online  at the Hemi-Sync® website by clicking on the link next to the individual CDs below. Please read the safe use information at the bottom of the page*. Thank you for entering through my website, which will allow you access to all Hemi-Sync products and special sales, but also give me credit for your purchase. Prices start at $19.95 for one CD and $14.96 for a download.

Guided Hemi-Sync CDs, by Carolyn M. Ball, MA, LPC, have the most advanced binaural beat technology available as a base, with an overlay of soft music and verbal guidance specified in the titles. This combination is one of the most powerful and easy ways to retrain your brain and heal available today! Like any mental or physical training, repeated listening—up to three times per day—will speed up and enhance the process.

Hemi-Sync Claiming Your SelfClaiming Your Self
A gentle and compassionate healing for self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-appreciation, helping to develop a strong core within the Self.   Purchase CD.   Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync-Depress_AnxietyEmerging from Depression and Anxiety
Verbal guidance and affirmations specific to the typical issues which cause depression and anxiety, shown to have remarkable results with repeated listening.  Purchase CD.  Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync-SuccessCreating Success
A deep immersion in supportive and empowering beliefs about having the capacity to fulfill one’s dreams and aspirations and taking steps to insure success.   Purchase CD.    Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync Weight Loss CDWeight Loss with Hemi-Sync Letting in new and empowering mental and emotional perspectives while you relax is a powerful foundation for any weight loss approach.    Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync Breaking Free from Addictions CDBreaking Free from Addictions
A compassionate and understanding addition to any recovery process, this guided exercise helps to put aside many of the beliefs, habits and self-concepts of addiction, replacing them with new perspectives of self-empowerment and better ways to handle the challenges of life.   Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync with music, targeting specific brain states: focus, creativity, deep relaxation and meditation, and sleep. These generally correspond to beta, alpha, theta and delta brain waves, however, the Hemi-Sync binaural beat mixes are not simply basic tones, but highly researched and much more complex than any competitors.

Remembrance CD of Hemi-Sync in MusicRemembrance Album 
 Focus – with powerful Hemi-Sync® and music    designed for enhanced learning, peak performance and creative flow.    Purchase CD.     Purchase Download. 


Sleeping Through the Rain Hemi-Sync CD Sleeping Through the Rain Journey across the border of wakefulness with soft, dreamy music and Hemi-Sync® – from deep relaxation into natural, refreshing sleep.   Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


Super Sleep CD with Hemi-SyncSuper Sleep Album 
Super Sleep helps you produce the natural brain-wave patterns of the Delta sleep state.
Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


GAIA Music with Hemi-Sync Gaia Album 
A musical portrayal of Kokopelli, the Native American mythic hero who restores abundance by bringing forth the second summer rains.   Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


Hemi-Sync for Peak PerformanceIllumination For Peak-Performance Album 
Creative flow and enhanced productivity seem effortless with J.S. Epperson.    Purchase CD.     Purchase Download.


Piano Music with Hemi-SyncTimeless with Hemi-Sync® Album 
This exquisite solo piano music of Pablo Peláez possesses a gravity and beauty beyond time.
Purchase CD.     Purchase Download. 


*Safety guidelines from Monroe Products: While many of our products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental condition(s), DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync without first consulting your physician. In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.           ALL WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE DISCLAIMED.


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